SureMAX®-SA cervical standalone system

Unmatched Options of Sizes, Lordotic Angles, Anchors and Easy to Use Instruments

7˚,10˚ and 14˚ Lordosis
Footprints in 12 x 14 mm, 14 x 16 mm, 15 x 18 mm, 15 x 20 mm
Heights of 5 mm to 12 mm

Fixed and variable screws

Porous superior and inferior surfaces allow for bone on-growth and in-growth

Secure one-step cam locking

Lateral windows allow for radiographic assessment of fusion

Edge stabilizers anchor into cortical bone to resist rotation and flexion

SureMAX®-SA instrumentation

SureMAX®-SA Instrument Sterilization Tray

Low Profile Inserters

Angled Shaft Tube Assembly

Awl Guide Inserter Option