SureMAX®-X cervical spacer

The Advantages of Titanium with the Stiffness of PEEK

7˚ and 10˚ Lordosis
Footprints in 12 x 14 mm, 14 x 16 mm, 15 x 18 mm, 15 x 20 mm
Heights of 5 mm to 9 mm

Patented Lobe design allows for more evenly distributed contact with the vertebral endplates

Convex surfaces to match the concavity of spinal endplates

Roughened and optimized acid etched porous surface

Large lateral windows to facilitate radiographic confirmation of fusion

One set of instruments for a family of Cervical Spacers, SureMAX® and SureMAX®-X

SureMAX®-X cervical spacer instrumentation

Single Modular Tray

Distraction Wedges to help open collapsed disc spaces.

Aggressive Rasps with convex surfaces to strip and shape concavity of vertebral endplates.

Trials match the geometry of the implants for an accurate assessment of size.

Variety of Inserter Tools, with and without guards, allow for single handed tool/implant application.

Unique Slap Hammer designs allow for enhanced visualization of the operative site when using a microscope.